Discovering the Cinematic World of Rouhollah Hejazi on MUBI

Welcome to the magical world of cinema, where directors wield their creative prowess to transport us to different realms of emotions and thoughts. One such visionary filmmaker, Rouhollah Hejazi, has left an indelible mark on the Iranian film industry with his compelling storytelling and unique cinematic style. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the profile of Rouhollah Hejazi on the renowned film streaming platform, MUBI. Get ready to explore the extraordinary films that have earned Hejazi accolades from critics and audiences alike.

The Enigmatic Auteur:

Rouhollah Hejazi is an Iranian filmmaker whose cinematic journey began with his debut feature film, “Among the Clouds”, which garnered international recognition and paved the way for his subsequent success. Born with a flair for storytelling, Hejazi’s films delve deep into the complexities of human relationships and societal issues, making them poignant and thought-provoking.

The MUBI Profile:

MUBI, known for curating a handpicked selection of exceptional films from around the world, is home to a diverse collection of Hejazi’s works. On his MUBI profile, cinephiles can explore his filmography, encompassing both full-length features and short films. With MUBI’s carefully curated platform, viewers can easily immerse themselves in the profound narratives and captivating visuals that Hejazi masterfully crafts.

Notable Works:

  1. “Among the Clouds” (Ghoroub-ha) – This film, Hejazi’s debut feature, takes us on an emotional journey through the lives of two young children struggling to cope with their harsh reality. Set against the stunning backdrop of Iran’s rural landscapes, the film captures the essence of childhood innocence amidst adversity.
  2. “The Wedlock” – A tale of love and sacrifice, “The Wedlock” follows the story of a young couple torn apart by unexpected circumstances. Hejazi’s adept direction and compelling storytelling showcase the resilience of human spirit and the power of love.
  3. “The Dark Room” – In this gripping drama, Hejazi delves into the sensitive topic of drug addiction, shedding light on the plight of the vulnerable. The film’s raw and emotive portrayal earned it critical acclaim and touched the hearts of many.


Rouhollah Hejazi’s films have captivated audiences worldwide, and his MUBI profile serves as a gateway to discovering the artistry of this talented Iranian filmmaker. From heartwarming tales of love to explorations of societal challenges, Hejazi’s films resonate deeply with viewers, leaving a lasting impact on their cinematic journey.

If you are a cinephile with a penchant for powerful storytelling and evocative visuals, head over to MUBI and explore Rouhollah Hejazi’s impressive collection of films. Prepare to be moved, inspired, and immersed in the world of one of Iran’s most promising directors. Happy watching!